Terms & Conditions

Our terms and conditions are an agreement made between you and our business, and on signing you are confirming that you agree to and have read, plus understood all what’s stated within. These terms and conditions can be subject to change which we will update on our website.


1) Deposit: A deposit of £30 must be paid at the same time as the first month, this will be returned to you when you leave. However if you default on any of these individually listed terms and conditions, the advertised and highlighted charges within will be deducted and if the deposit doesn’t cover the cost you will be invoiced in addition.

2) Identification: On or before the commencement of the contract please email or provide a copy of your ID such as a driving license or passport, and a utility bill dated within 2 months that matches the address given on your ID. There is no alternative to this process. Your documents will of course be securely stored and not redistributed to any third party. Anyone else you wish to have access to your container (unless accompanying you) must be made known to us, and provide us with ID & a utility bill also.

3) Security: The security of your goods is your responsibility, we have live and recorded CCTV on the site. A padlock will be provided for the lock box on the container which will carry a £30 ‘at cost’ charge if the lock is not returned upon you leaving. You are welcome and encouraged to use your own padlocks on the arm clasp(s). You will be given a key for the main gate and your unit which must only be used by the person who has signed the rental contract, anybody else you must notify us and provide the same proof of ID & utility bill as per terms paragraph 2. Any provided gate and container padlock keys you require in addition are charged at £3 per extra key (as an admin charge), the same number of keys issued in total must be returned upon leaving. Any lost keys are charged at £7 each.

4) Insurance: We do not insure your contents within the containers in any way, natural disasters and acts of god will also not be covered unless taking out your own insurance, to which we can only advise upon.

5) Illegal / prohibited goods: As with any self storage company we don’t allow the storage of illegal goods, and should we find this be the case you will be asked to vacate the unit with no refund given for any balance left on your unit. Please do not store anything dead or alive, do not stick, fix, screw or tape, draw or use paint of any kind inside the unit, no flammable or combustible gases or liquids (inc oil). Any oil, chemical or paint spills will incur a minimum £30 to maximum £150 charge depending on the size of the spill, if you must store the latterly listed liquids simply make sure all lids are secure and they sit inside a plastic tray.

6) Ownership of goods: You must own or have legal rights to the goods.

7) Entry to unit: You will permit us entry in to your container if we are asked to do so by the emergency services, customs and excise or a court order. We will of course try contacting you immediately in this event with the details you have provided us.

8) Payment default: After 7 calender days of non-payment there will be a fixed fine of £20 in addition to due hire cost and a further 8% a day late payment fee from the 8th day on. In the event of 30 calender days non-payment we are legally entitled to secure your unit to later remove, sell and/or dispose of the contents within your unit. These same charges will not be made if bereavement of immediate family is proved to be the reason.

9) Unit suitability: It is your obligation to make sure the unit is suitable for your needs, though limited due to the factory fitted ventilation vents you must take in to account that condensation within a single skin enclosure may occur. If you have delicate electronic goods etc there are many methods to stop/prevent moisture build up including: Absorbing granules, silica gel, rock salt (we stock) and calcium chloride. You must be safe when using chemicals and keep away from children!

10) Contract length: Regardless of the first bill amount the minimum term is 1 month, beyond that there is a new 1 months bill made with a rolling 7 day notice period beyond that (unless you give us an exact date to leave and once only) and the remainder of the 1 months payment will be refunded from either of these two scenarios.

11) Exiting your unit: A charge of £10 a day will be made for each day late we don’t get the keys back after the leave date you informed us of. It is your responsibility to arrange with us by a phone call or email either on the day you ‘check out’ or preferably the day before to hand the keys back, then once we have them and provided there are no defaults as listed on this page to deduct we will return your deposit back in full via the bank details you provide us. You must completely empty your unit & if necessary have a sweep out, anything we have to clear or sweep out will attract a £5 cleaning charge removed from your deposit.

11) Safety & Speed: As vehicles and pedestrians mix, to keep everyone safe there’s a 5mph limit in force with signs to remind you.