Renting a unit in a nutshell


If you have searched for “self storage units near me” you have come to the right place!  We have made the process of renting a unit as simple and as straightforward as possible:

  1. You tell us you’re interested and/or ask your questions via the contact form or email (preferred ways) or by calling us.
  2. If we have availability it will be step 3 or 4.  If no availability we will need you to use our contact form to leave your email address & tel number(s).   We will then add you to our waiting list, listed in date order.  When we contact you with a vacancy, a maximum 24hr period is given before we contact the next on the list.  Aside from that we don’t hold units, strictly first come first serve.
  3. You could make an appointment for a no obligation (contactless) look at this point if you wished.
  4. Assuming you’re on-board we will need a copy of a utility bill / bank or mortgage statement and a copy of your driving license / passport.  The rental starts from the date we state it is available from.
  5. We now issue the rental agreement, automated gate instructions, the terms and conditions and payment needs to be made at this stage.  If these docs are sent to you via email you could acknowledge your understanding of them all.  If not paper copies must be signed on site.
  6. We then hand over the keys and off you go!  It all could be done in as little as 45 mins on a single visit providing you have the right ID / household bill copy with you.  You are then free to come and go as you please without notice, 7am-7pm, 7days a week and with no extra charges what so ever!

** It’s a one month minimum contract then weekly notice after that (still payable by monthly installments).  Any balance remaining after your 7 day notice is duly returned, calculated daily. **